By enabling fair matchmaking and ability to enter cash based games, we are allowing players to feel the game at a new level and challenge themselves to push their gaming limits.

Make GGA a Part Of Your Game!

  • 1.Enter the match solo or invite your friends to join.

  • 2.Put money on your victory, or play a free game.

  • 3.The winner takes it all. The prize money, the points and the glory.

What you’ll find inside GGA

Familiar Interface

fair matchmaking

GGA Matchmaking logic makes sure all games are fair and that opponent are of similar experience and skills.

you choose bet amount


Compare your standing against other players, and climb the ladder to hall of fame.

Players interaction

Players interaction

Chat, explore profiles, and connect with players from all over the world.

you choose bet amount

Cash based or free games

You can choose the amount you wanna play at. If you are still not ready to take the risk, there’s always the ‘Free Game” option.



Our tech team and security procedures make sure that all transactions are safe and secure and in line with the latest security processes and trends.

familiar interface

familiar interface

GGA is designed by gamers and true Dota2 lovers. We made sure all items are exactly there where you used to them being.